Current Exhibition

We Keep Reviewing…

Moslem Khezri (Solo Exhibition)/1 August to 29 August 2019


The meanings are immersed in images; like particles in the light; a light that is pouring in through a classroom window in a bright morning. Their presence light and fluid is the representation of associations in the form of color and light … just like the first memories, rather vague but current and tangible. There is something in them; something made of emotional experience or discovery and intuition that connects events like an invisible string, seeking a notion in them; is it the
naughtiness of the pupils in a class? their struggle for learning? the way fragile leaves of a plant reach out for light? or is it the dense tyranny of a concentration camp? No one knows …
Moslem Khezri accompanies his visual experiences with from so that it becomes a vehicle for that event; that unparalleled gift; and “he reviews the nights and days, the ‘yet’ … “
Born in 1984 in the sunny, warm city of Kerman in southeastern Iran, Moslem Khezri holds an MA in painting from Tarbiat Modares University. His works the majority of which consist of drawings have been exhibited as solo and group shows both at home and abroad. He has been teaching in universities since 2011 and has had publications in the field of visual arts.
“We keep reviewing” is the outcome of his painterly experiences during 2018 and 2019