Dariush Hosseini’s (b. 1970) body of paintings and drawings consists of oscillations between figuration and abstraction not only throughout his career but at times even in the process of painting on a single canvas, while rarely adhering to a pure end of this spectrum. Many of Hosseini’s figurative works show his aptitude in realistic representations with a strong sense of structure and composition, yet they are often executed liberally and expressively through direct painterly actions, highlighting the process of coming about rather than being the product of predefined studies. Versatile in styles, he pursues each theme, whether it is the human tragedy
or a political perspective, using a different visual language, constantly expanding his formal and spatial horizons.



Personal Summery:
1970 Born in Tehran

1995 B.A. in painting, University of Tehran, Tehran 2000 M.A. in illustration, University of Tehran, Tehran
Work Experience:
Lecturer and a member of the Faculty of Fine Arts until 2011 Associate at Iran Painters Association  Member of the jury in more than 15 visual arts festivals Written several articles and reviews for Iranian visual arts magazine.
Hosseini has held 11 solo drawing and painting exhibitions in Iran and more than 50 group and annual exhibitions in Iran, Turkey, France and Arab United Emirates. Some Solo Exhibitions:
2019 Wide Shut, O Gallery, Tehran
2014 Free Zone, Azad Art Gallery, Tehran
2011 Infantry, Azad Art Gallery, Tehran
2006, Drawing Exhibition, Azad Art Gallery, Tehran
Hosseini, D. (2012), Yāddāsht-hā (Notes), Tehran: Rasm